June 29th2005 , the hotel was certified in ISO 9000:2001 standards, recognition was very important considering that we were the first certified hotel in eastern Colombia by Icontec .

The reach of certification covers the service of accommodation, and is supported on 5 processes (management , check- in and check -out , hotel , administrative and quality) these processes provide the necessary tools to search always our main goal which is the satisfaction of our customers.

Within the management system we have, the participation of the staff is very important and fundamental, that is why we have a continuous improvement program in which all our staff is involved in the generation of ideas that provide to the hotel no only economic benefits but also new products that meeting our customers.

This improvement program is repeated every  year and is supported by a committee that is responsible for cataloging the level of the proposed idea and of course the prize.

Our commitment with the customers, staff and shareholders is to maintain the system in constant evolution and of course progress every day in the positioning of the hotel.

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