The Hotel and Tourism Projects Company of Colombia SA - HOTEL PALMERA REAL - Santandereana company dedicated to the business of accommodation, lodging and complementary services in an efficient and friendly way, offered by personnel committed to the implementation and maintenance of Quality Management Systems, Sustainability and Health and Safety at Work - SIG, is aware of the importance of its benefits in customer satisfaction, care and protection of the environment, socio-cultural management and management of occupational risks; the above, based on regulatory compliance and continuous improvement of the performance of the SGI, in order to achieve confidence and profitability for shareholders.
To achieve our policy and objectives, we generate work plans that include activities for the fulfillment of the requirements of our guests and allies, as well as for the identification, evaluation and control of priority risks and environmental, sociocultural and environmental aspects. economic activities associated with our activities.
Senior Management involves the rights and duties of employees through the responsibilities established in the positions and roles that impact on the Management System in order to ensure the leadership and participation of staff. Likewise, documented relationships and agreements of mutual benefit with suppliers and customers are established, with the aim of highlighting compliance with the requirements in the Management System. Regarding our guests, during their stay at the Hotel information is provided about their rights and duties and commitment to Sustainability.
This policy has scope for all workplaces and all workers, regardless of their contracting or relationship, including contractors and subcontractors.

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